SESAMm Wins Real Deals ESG Tech Award

SESAMm Wins Real Deals ESG Tech Award

Read about SESAMm’s win at Real Deals ESG Awards 2022, including how the winner was chosen, how we applied, and how much this means to us and our clients.

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We have exciting news to share! Real Deals has recognized SESAMm for Best ESG Tech for TextReveal® ESG Alerts at the Real Deals ESG Awards 2022! These awards focus on: 1. a mixture of demonstrable customer and revenue growth; 2. detailed overviews of how new initiatives, products, or services have aided the business and helped their clients


ESG monitoring is becoming increasingly critical as legislation and stakeholders focus on sustainability, positive impact initiatives, and CSR. Early detection of controversies and positive impact events for private and public companies is possible through natural language processing (NLP)-powered technologies. SESAMm’s ESG and SDG Alerts use AI to give firms the ability to monitor millions of public and private companies worldwide, providing more objective indicators.


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