The Financial Industry ESG Solution

The Financial Industry ESG Solution

The efforts of forward-looking companies that are beginning to conduct bespoke ESG research, tend to be constrained by technical challenges...

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LONDON, March 20, 2022. Orbit Financial Technology, an enterprise AI company dedicated to the financial services industry, today announced the release of its ESG solution that is built upon core products Orbit Extract and Orbit Insight.
The efforts of forward-looking companies that are beginning to conduct bespoke ESG research, tend to be constrained by technical challenges, time constraints, and increased costs when handling huge data volumes.
The solution empowers bespoke ESG research by removing or dramatically reducing manual processes of finding ESG attributes from corporate announcements. Our system sources and processes a huge volume of corporate documents using machine learning, natural language processing, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The solution also provides a user interface to provide full extracting transparency between raw documents and attributes.
Slow ESG – Efficiently extracting documents:
Orbit Extract is our accurate, granular bespoke solution for ESG attribute extraction. Key benefits include:
– Accurately locate the attributes with sophisticated extraction logic
– End-to-end data management from raw documents to extractions
– Sentence level ESG topic models and QA models that accept natural language questions to locate candidate answers from a range of documents
– Professional service team to work together with clients to work on extraction workflows and exception handling
Fast ESG – Daily monitoring of ESG controversies:
Orbit Insight is an off-the-shelf tool to set up specific screening logic, as the system already monitors a vast number of public filings/ news with low latency and relates them to their respective companies.
You can apply a transparent search, to screen and monitor ESG controversies for your chosen companies and run bespoke searches on filings, news, and press releases against a global stock universe all generated in real-time.
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Depending on your requirements, you can use one of the two products mentioned above, or combine them together to support your comprehensive research and bespoke use case.
About Orbit Financial Technology
Orbit Financial Technology is a text analytics and AI computing vendor that helps global financial institutions to make smarter and more informed decisions out of public and in-house unstructured data.

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