Two London-based RegTechs ClauseMatch and Keepabl onboard each other’s services and strike ecosystem partnership

Two London-based RegTechs ClauseMatch and Keepabl onboard each other’s services and strike ecosystem partnership

Collaboration between two London-based RegTechs is set to deliver greater value and simpler compliance to organisations worldwide...

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Collaboration between two London-based RegTechs is set to deliver greater value and simpler compliance to organisations worldwide managing key regulatory obligations.


London. November 20, 2019.


ClauseMatch, an award-winning regulatory technology company that helps financial institutions and other regulated firms to comply with their internal governance documentation (policies, procedures, controls) announced today it has gone live with Keepabl, the award-winning Privacy-as-a-Service provider.


ClauseMatch enables Keepabl to manage their policies and be compliant with multiple regulations which apply to a RegTech company, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) and the UK Privacy in Electronic Communications Regulations (‘PECR’).


Robert Baugh, CEO & Founder of Keepabl, said: “Maintaining policies and procedures properly is of major importance for managing your risk and governance – and being able to show good governance is key when you’re winning business or being audited by customers or investors.  ClauseMatch allows us to organise all of our policies, procedures and controls in a structured manner on a single platform, available for the next review cycle and compliance checks, in an auditable format with all the track records of who did what presented in a complete audit trail.”


“We’re delighted to onboard Keepabl onto the ClauseMatch platform to make their policy management collaborative and auditable. We’ve also started using Keepabl’s SaaS solution to make our ongoing Privacy Governance simple and efficient and in addition, we’ve joined the Privacy Stack. Our partnership is a great example of mutually beneficial collaboration between two RegTech companies creating a richer ecosystem and greater clarity and value for customers,” Evgeny Likhoded, ClauseMatch CEO & Founder commented.


ClauseMatch is using Keepabl’s GDPR SaaS solution to manage its ongoing Privacy Governance and GDPR obligations easily amongst its distributed team and to demonstrate its own GDPR compliance to internal and external stakeholders.


Alastair Keatley, Head of Legal at ClauseMatch, said: “We use Keepabl to easily manage Privacy Governance across our group.  It makes the necessary ongoing GDPR actions much simpler and more efficient, from maintaining data inventory and Article 30 Records to ongoing management of risk and security, saving us significant time and related costs.  Even if data protection obligations are understood by the business, documenting processes can be hugely time consuming. Keepabl solves that problem with its intuitive workflow which guides the user through documenting the organisation’s compliance. And I can instantly see and demonstrate our GDPR status to the board or prospects with Keepabl’s visualised reporting.”  Alastair added, “You can use Keepabl to oversee the entirety of your data protection governance system.”


ClauseMatch has also joined the Privacy Stack, the ecosystem created and managed by Keepabl to help resellers and customers see key services and solutions that support their GDPR compliance.  Existing Privacy Stack partners offer services from encryption management, to 2FA and password management, to data discovery. ClauseMatch’s real-time document collaboration software brings real clarity to organisations working on the same documents across teams, different geographies, and globally scattered groups.


“ClauseMatch and Keepabl have recognised value in each other’s solutions and are collaborating through our Privacy Stack ecosystem,” says Baugh.  “Policy management is an essential component of ongoing compliance and ClauseMatch is a very welcome partner in the Privacy Stack.  We very much look forward to working with the company to deliver increased value – and simpler compliance, which is what it’s all about – to our partners and customers.”


The partnership additionally included ClauseMatch into the Privacy Stack, an ecosystem of partners Keepabl created. Within the Privacy Stack ClauseMatch is taking the compliance tools place where the solution can bring real clarity to teams working on the same documents across teams, different geographies, globally scattered groups.



Media contact:

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About ClauseMatch:


ClauseMatch is a software technology company that enables financial institutions to comply with their internal corporate governance documentation (standards, procedures, controls).  It is a 2014 graduate of the inaugural Barclays accelerator programme, BBVA Open Talent challenge winner, and is in the top RegTech companies selected by CB Insights and Dow Jones. The company is working with several global financial institutions. The solution brings unprecedented productivity for Compliance, Legal, Finance, Operations and Risk teams saving millions in terms of time and resources, while significantly reducing risk and providing accountability.


About Keepabl:


Keepabl’s award-winning GDPR SaaS solution is focussed on helping MSPs and non-specialist customers ‘get the job done’ on GDPR compliance, creating maximum relevant outputs from the minimum input, delivering analytics needed to remediate gaps, and helping to accelerate revenue and reduce risk. Instant, automated Article 30 Records, Data Map analysis, breach management, processor management, and more. A single place in the cloud for all your policies, procedures, DPIAs, training and other privacy materials.



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