Walking the Talk: SESAMm’s ESG Manifesto

Walking the Talk: SESAMm’s ESG Manifesto

Read SESAMm’s ESG manifesto, what environmental, social, and governance actions it’s taking, and why it's implementing these values within its company culture.

Author: SESAMm– sesamm.com


If you’ve been following SESAMm, you’ve probably noticed that we care about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when researching, analyzing, and monitoring companies for portfolios. After all, ESG data is useful when making business and investment decisions. But what about SESAMm? Does it care about ESG as a company?


On the one hand, SESAMm could analyze ESG risks and opportunities on private and public companies worldwide without regard to its own ramifications on the world at large. On the other hand, what kind of service provider would SESAMm be if it didn’t “walk the talk,” as the saying goes? What good would SESAMm produce if it didn’t follow the same ESG guidelines it delivers scores about?


SESAMm wants to operate the same way its clients would expect from firms in their portfolios, a way that it would support and be proud of. That’s why management has developed SESAMm’s ESG manifesto.


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