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The Challenge

Fixed Income and multi-asset fund managers and their client teams are challenged daily to explain their investment returns. Consolidation in support systems providers has resulted in a lack of choice and innovation in this area. This has fuelled a proliferation of risky manual workarounds, spreadsheets and fund managers self-serving in an attempt to bridge gaps in their systems. In addition, active management fees are under pressure at a time when data costs and operational overheads are increasing. The variety and complexity of security types available for investment also balloons inexorably. The industry needs a new solution.

The Solution

At CloudAttribution we started with fixed income attribution, so our solution handles its complexities with ease. We have worked as portfolio managers and in the middle office so understand what the user community need to see and use the data; the system has been designed accordingly and includes the flexibility to evolve with the industry. By rethinking the models, we made efficient use of existing data and use a cloud-based model to give implementation and operational flexibility. We can layer complexity where needed, handling the full variety of instruments and pin-pointing sources of return accordingly. Our multi-modal reporting can also feed your own in-house data warehousing.

The Importance

We empower the whole organisation through timely, consistent and accurate attribution. We show portfolio positions through time and the resulting return outcomes, explained consistently across asset classes and through interactive reports on users’ desktops.

The performance team spends less time chasing operational errors and creating reports
The client team already know how the portfolio has changed and the performance outcomes. Internal discussions start from a higher base
Portfolio managers have the input they need for team meetings without having to waste time building reports in Excel We move performance and attribution from a cost base to a value-added service.

Next steps

Please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website and request a demo.

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