The Challenge

Globally, cybercrime is now estimated to cost $400bn a year and growing exponentially as cybercriminals and nation states continue to innovate and strengthen capability. Despite the increasing threat a recent survey and subsequent report published by KPMG highlighted that less than four in ten of the asset management CEOs surveyed (39%) said that their organisation is fully prepared for a cyber-event. Therefore this translates to 61% of the Asset Management sector being insufficiently prepared. At a time of increased cybercrime the sector is also keen to take advantage of the benefits of migrating systems to the `Cloud’; this however increases complexity and expands the threat landscape considerably.

The Solution

METCloud was architected to address the issues related to both cybercrime and Cloud adoption. It is well reported that public cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure have significant security weaknesses and cannot provide the 99.999% uptime often demanded by the Banking & financial services sector. METCloud has developed a sophisticated platform of defence and surveillance technologies and services. Furthermore, the platform is built on enterprise level systems that deliver the performance and high availability demands. Future innovations in system architecture (as soon as 2020) will provide 99.9999% (6×9’s) availability.

The Importance

The threat landscape continues to evolve. Criminals are looking to repurpose attacks used against banks to target the asset management sector. Industrialisation of cybercrime continues, with criminals scaling their operations, and looking to automate the targeting and exploitation of asset managers. At the same time, nation states continue to invest in cyber-espionage and military cyber-attack capabilities. Geopolitics will drive the use of these cyber weapons. METCloud has won over a dozen awards in the last 12 months in recognition for the innovation and significant levels of security it can deliver. This sets us apart from any other provider and makes METCloud the #1 Cyber secure hybrid Cloud platform in the UK.

Next steps

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