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No matter how good your operational setups, if they aren’t in sync with brokers and custodians it causes problems. Many setup and maintenance tasks happen on email, PDF and even paper; they are slow, labour intensive, inefficient and error prone. Saphyre offers a new way forward and by sorting out pre-trade, you get the benefit of a big reduction in post-trade queries.

The Challenge

Regulatory pressures are pushing for shorter settlement cycles, competitive pressures push to be able to setup clients and make changes faster and more reliably, margin pressures make it important not to waste resource unnecessarily by using old fashioned, inefficient and non-scalable work methods (email, PDF, telephone).

Deal-support, middle-office and operational setup teams spend too much time on queries, the root cause of which is often that no single view of the account exists.

While unilateral or in house solutions can partially address these issues, it is not practicable to build bilateral links for data and workflows with each custodian and broker you deal with, the costs are high and connections too numerous.


The Solution

Saphyre provides a cloud-based hub for data and workflows relating to client reference data.  In practical terms, users see onboarding times halved, a 70% reduction in email traffic, a 50% fall in post-trade queries and fewer errors.  Saphyre is accessed directly, through Teams/Symphony or via API to other systems.  Saphyre is feature rich, including Ready-to-Trade status for dealers, AML management, custody market management, FX OMS setup and more.

Saphyre has 68 patents to take this further.  We remember the relationship between data and documents.  AML distribution and replacement is revolutionised, regulatory-reporting forms are pre-filled, time is saved and consistency delivered.

The Importance

The Saphyre platform offers a very low barrier route to bring your onboarding and operational setup to best-in-class.  Along the way, you will gain competitive position, shed cost and reduce risk, plus realise a material reduction in post-trade queries.  The benefits are far from trivial and include shifting ANNR from the pipeline to the revenue line, this because onboarding times can be materially reduced.

Next steps

Email or call us to discuss.  A demonstration says a lot and we need an hour of your time for a high-level overview.  We can also arrange pilots with a number of brokers and custodians.

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