Scribestar joins the Investment Association as FinTech member

Scribestar joins the Investment Association as FinTech member

We are delighted that the IA has provided a forum for us to engage more deeply with its members.

Scribestar joins the Investment Association as FinTech member to help drive software adoption and industry efficiencies


Scribestar, the London-based company focused on improving the efficiency of capital markets transactions through its online collaboration platform for document drafting, verification and publishing, has joined the Investment Association (IA) in a new FinTech membership category.


The IA is the trade body that represents UK asset managers. Earlier this year, it launched the FinTech membership category to enable technology providers offering solutions to increase operational effectiveness and improve consumer outcomes within asset management and the wider Capital Markets.  Scribestar supports the investment industry by enabling Fund Managers to manage the risks inherent in the execution of complex capital markets transactions.


The online capital markets document drafting platform brings control to the process, by providing one document for editing and review, which is always up-to-date. It enables all the relevant parties instantly to access the transaction documents and track the status of activities; and with this real-time intelligence and an audit trail of the document history, they can manage stakeholder expectations and have full confidence that the completed transaction will comply with the various legal and financial regulations.


Greg Lunn, Scribestar CEO, said

“We are delighted that the Investment Association has provided a forum for us to engage more deeply with its members. Already used by IA members, our platform has proved it delivers significant efficiencies to deal teams, enabling team members to deliver drafting, due diligence, verification and regulatory compliance tasks, far more effectively, compared with current manual methods. We look forward to growing the value we can bring to the industry.”


Keith Phillips, the IA’s Director for Membership & Enterprise, commented:

“A core aim with our new FinTech membership is to help drive greater efficiencies throughout the asset management sector, and Scribestar is a perfect example of that solution focus. The platform offers asset managers a way to overcome some of the challenges posed by increasing cost pressures, tight deadlines and strict regulatory requirements. We welcome them onboard!”


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