Client Reporting: give them what they want!

Client Reporting: give them what they want!

After attending this year’s TSAM London digital event we thought we would share how Reporting as a Service solves one of the biggest client reporting challenges discussed at the conference, how to successfully achieve automated bespoke reporting for all your clients.

At this year’s digital TSAM London event there were many presentations which provided valuable industry
insight from a range of exceptional speakers, but in this blog I wanted to discuss one session in particular
which really piqued my interest.


The panel included Sean Castleton, who heads up client reporting at Legg Mason, and Rusty Bishop, SVP
Marketer at Bigtincan. These two individuals share a wealth of knowledge when it comes to client
reporting for the asset management industry.

What really intrigued me was the panel’s views on the current state of client reporting and the challenges
being faced at the moment. They were in full agreement stating the main focus for client reporting right
now is full automation and providing customised bespoke reports to clients.


At Opus Nebula we share this opinion which is why Reporting as a Service is a fully automated end to end
solution which removes laborious manual processes and allows asset management firms to easily produce
highly bespoke reports for all of their clients, not just those with ‘premium’ status.


During the discussion it was also noted that the hardest part of providing personalised reports was
creating the customised templates for individual clients, sometimes taking months or even years to get
them right. Asset management firms should be focused on servicing clients, not spending time and
resources developing report templates. With Reporting as a Service, the report templates are configured
by our expert technical team and dynamically flex to produce highly personalised reports for each of your
clients. This lets the reporting team focus on what is important to them – servicing clients, while we focus
on refining the templates.


To me, Castleton summed up the client servicing function best when he simply put it “give them what
they want”, which sounds obvious, but in practice is not always the easiest thing to do. We are dedicated
to simplifying the client report production process and allowing asset management firms of any size to
provide bespoke reporting to all their clients… giving them exactly what they want.


To find out more about Reporting as a Service and how it can benefit your firm please visit our website at or contact us to receive a demo of our solution – [email protected].


Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula

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