FREĠNAN Secures Further Funding to Accelerate Growth in AI Driven Analytics

FREĠNAN Secures Further Funding to Accelerate Growth in AI Driven Analytics



FREĠNAN, a FinTech company that exploits the advances in machine learning (ML) and big data to support the wealth management sector, has secured a second investment round to accelerate its growth.

With its advanced AI/ML capability, FREĠNAN transforms the process of modelling a company or valuing the company and getting insights from either, by partial or full automation.

Aimed at the asset management industry initially, this enables anyone who provides analysis, research or stock selection to work faster and with more insight.

And it comes at a time when costs and comparative advantage are being especially challenged.

FREĠNAN has already attracted interest and clients from across the wealth management sector, including asset management, independent research, investment banking, exchanges and brokers.  It has also won awards both at home and internationally, being recognised as a technology that is likely to be business critical in the future.

Vince Julier, CEO of FREĠNAN, says: “Current times are tough for many and we are incredibly grateful for the further endorsement of our firm that this investment confirms.  As the world starts to think about how to operate in an uncertain future, digital transformation is key to success.  FREĠNAN are in prime position to provide richer insights and greater efficiency and automation, freeing up more human time for priority tasks, through our AI/ML capabilities.”.

Brendan Bradley, Chairman of FREĠNAN, says: “This investment ensures that development and functionality will be accelerated as we continue to gain traction and collaborate with an increasing number of clients.  Given that our investors are capital markets professionals adds further value to the firm far beyond their investment, while providing a clear endorsement of the firm’s mission, technology and leadership team.”


For more information about FREĠNAN, please contact [email protected].

Twitter: @fregnanAI




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