Meet Some of Our 2021 Lynk Elite Expert Women – Part 1

Meet Some of Our 2021 Lynk Elite Expert Women – Part 1

Here are highlights of our recent interviews with Lynk Elite Expert Women from our International Women's Day 2021 campaign in support of the Malala Fund.

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Share the Stage: It’s Time to Give Women a Platform to Share Their Expertise

In well-intentioned discussions, business leaders often talk about making space for diversity, levelling the playing field or closing the gender gap, but it’s not enough to simply acknowledge underrepresentation as a problem. We must also challenge our companies, industries and ourselves to create forums and cultivate communities where people from all backgrounds have a voice.

In particular, we need more platforms for women — more opportunities for female leaders to grab the mic and share their insights. For too long, men have dominated panel discussions, executive boards, thought leadership content and even business advertisements.

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Choose To Challenge: Malala Fund’s Katie Houck on How COVID-19 Changes the Fight for Girls’ Education

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” – a powerful few words said by Malala Yousafzai that summarise the importance of education. For those who live in developed countries, going to school may seem like a given. But for more than 130 million girls in different parts of the developing world, having access to education often does not come without a fight.

Threats including poverty, war, child labour, early marriage and gender discrimination are all common reasons that could put girls out of school. From the economic perspective, more educated girls means more working women with the potential to add up to US$12 trillion to global growth. But failing to provide access to education for girls could instead lead to major gaps in the labour market. Not to mention each additional year of school a girl completes cuts both infant mortality and child marriage rates – potentially alleviating the burden of healthcare costs.

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Embrace the Pivot: Blooming Founders’ Lu Li on How to Turn a COVID Crisis into an Opportunity

Getting businesses funded is a challenge encountered by every entrepreneur regardless of gender but for female founders, access to funding is often even harder. Lu Li, founder and CEO of Blooming Founders, says prioritising building a sustainable business model is key instead of focusing on tackling challenges in fundraising.

Born in China, raised in Germany and currently based in London, Li is a serial entrepreneur and a business consultant who specialises in financial services and the retail sector. She also published the book ‘Dear Female Founder’ which contains 66 personal letters of advice written by female entrepreneurs from 20 countries.

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