AI in Investment Management – The Innovators

AI in Investment Management – The Innovators

That Eurekahedge track just 20 AI enabled funds reflects that this is a relatively new market, small in number yet hugely innovative.  

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For several years now, Eurekahedge has tracked the performance of AI enabled hedge funds against their long-established index. That they currently track just 20 funds reflects that this is a relatively new market, small in number yet hugely innovative.


ALIS, a South African hedge fund started in 2018 offers a long/short market neutral fund but also offers AI investments as a service, providing clients with the ability to create bespoke strategies.


QuantumRock, founded in Germany in 2012 have developed a proprietary investment platform that uses machine learning to operate a Volatility Special Opportunities Program.


Rebellion Research, perhaps one of the oldest firms offering AI driven investments, began in 2003 in New York.  They offer a number of services including their global equity strategy which (according to them) has significantly outperformed the S&P 500 since its inception in 2007.


Level E Capital is a relatively new investment company compared to Rebellion, launching the Global AI Opportunities Fund in 2019. Day to day fund operations are run by Level E Research on our E-platform.


Our modular proprietary platform is the first fully functional, autonomous investment management services SaaS solution where machine learning agents perform large scale data analysis and processing tasks, increasing operational efficiency and reducing cost across the entire investment management lifecycle from signal generation and portfolio management to real time risk and compliance monitoring with all functions available online through a web-browser or mobile device.

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