SM&CR: How Ready Should Asset Managers Be?

SM&CR: How Ready Should Asset Managers Be?

Less than 2% of regulated firms are ready for SM&CR, according to a recent survey by ACA Compliance.

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The Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) is a time-sensitive piece of regulation that’s a little different to the regulatory tsunami that preceded it. But, how exactly?

The FCA will hold individuals to account, not the firm. With the risk of non-compliance levelled at the individual, management teams need to make sure they fully engage with the SM&CR. To help, we’ve spoken to leading compliance experts to create The Critical Guide to SM&CR.

Grab your copy to find out:

  • How top compliance experts are approaching SM&CR
  • The five key takeaways you need to know
  • How banking has been coping with the regulation (since 2016)

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