The road to a personalised conversational interface

The road to a personalised conversational interface

Qwil Messenger, the safe and compliant client chat platform, is pleased to announce the strategic partnership with Melior...

Qwil Messenger, the safe and compliant client chat platform, is pleased to announce the strategic partnership with Melior.AI, the conversational AI solutions specialist, to jointly provide a unique assisted and self –service but personalised offering for businesses and their clients.  

London, 10 April 2019


Peter Reading, CEO and Founder of Qwil Messenger said: “Customer interactions are rapidly moving from Web, Mobile to instant messaging. Melior.AI’s innovative chatbot solutions provide a great opportunity for improved customer experience and staff efficiency. When combined with our platforms’ unique identifiers and end-to-end security, each company will be able to offer highly personalised conversational interface to their customers.    


The Qwil Messenger platform approach, with one unique entry point for both clients and staff of multiple firms, is supported by complex and proprietary technology design. This allows Qwil Messenger to deploy their servers rapidly across multi-jurisdictions and host to almost any data centre, in any location (or locations), at low cost and with instant scalability.

Melior.AI’s world leading technology and knowledge of the AI space has lead to the creation of their innovative chatbot solutions to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes.


Both companies will work together to make a variety of AI driven chatbots solutions available to address such use cases as FAQ, hybrid bots, financial client onboarding including AML, portfolio and account management questions, and appointment scheduling, as well as frequently asked HR contextual questions such as ‘How many days off do I have left?’.


Melior.AI is integrating a version of their MAX and MINNIE chatbot solutions into the Qwil Messenger platform, allowing the easy automation of complex, repetitive conversational elements, from FAQs to financial statements, multi languages capabilities, and around the clock service. As opposed to the usual hard-coded decision trees, Melior.AI uses machine learning (ML) to enable fast learning of new conversations and supervised continuous learning enabling business solutions to be up and running in a few days, not months.


Martin Szyllo, CEO and Co-Founder of Melior.AI comments: “Melior.AI is very excited to partner with Qwil Messenger whose ethos, business model and strategic thinking is very much aligned with our approach. Qwil Messenger builds the global road network on which messages can travel. We provide intelligent automation of communication to fully optimise the journey. The possibilities are endless with a proposition fit for the professional services and regulated industry.”


The partnership was borne after meeting at Web Summit Lisbon 2018, where both companies were selected as Alpha Startups which saw over 70,000 attendees from 170 different countries attend.


About Qwil Messenger:

Qwil Messenger solves the challenge of making chat safe and compliant when it matters most: between staff, clients and partners. Their single, global chat app enables participants in any location to engage in branded, professional conversations with their companies whilst meeting the most stringent security and regulatory requirements.


About Melior AI:

Melior AI is a research, development and solutions provider company with a family of competitive Conversational AI products including MAX (their smart FAQ bot) and MINNIE (a highly configurable, modular chatbot designed to make use of a fast growing library of capabilities such as appointment booking or financial portfolio queries). Their AI solutions, available in over 90 languages, created specifically to handle complex conversational flows that feel natural, allow clients to quickly and effortlessly deploy their chatbots for new use cases.

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