Trendrating – How to Profit from Performance Dispersion Across Stocks, Make Trends Work for You and Boost your Returns

Trendrating – How to Profit from Performance Dispersion Across Stocks, Make Trends Work for You and Boost your Returns

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Any investment strategy can be improved to maximize returns.

The evolving market dynamics expose the limits of strategies exclusively based on fundamentals, as a large part of active managers underperform the benchmarks. But expanding market intelligence with robust, advanced analytics can contribute to profit from “performance dispersion“.


The phenomenon of performance dispersion is observable in any investment universe, however chosen, at any time.


In 2020 for example, the S&P500 index was up 16%, but the top 25% performers posted an average gain of +110%, and the bottom 25% recorded a loss of -16%. The opportunity for active managers is obvious – capturing a number of the winners while avoiding most of the losers, improving the performance and reducing risks.

How? It is possible to gain a better synchronization with individual trends using latest generation data and technology designed to “rate trends“, validating bull trends and filtering out bear phases.


The methodology of rating trends is a powerful complement to any investment strategy as it adds an additional level of quality control.

The exposure to the right trends is the foundation of superior, consistent returns.

Trendrating is a recognized leader in “price trends intelligence“, providing analytics and technology to 150+ premier institutions and partners like Bloomberg.


The accuracy of Trendrating methodology is documented by the company indices, that show an average yearly outperformance vs. the benchmarks well above 5%. Trendrating Indices – Trendrating



The integration in the decision process can be done at several levels:

  • Validation of investment ideas
  • Spotting new opportunities
  • Risk control
  • Portfolio management and optimization
  • Markets and sectors rating and allocation
  • Ranking of lists
  • Design, test and optimization of investment strategies combining fundamentals and trends quality selection.


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