Worksmart wins SM&CR Solution Provider 2018 award

Worksmart wins SM&CR Solution Provider 2018 award

The ACQ 5 Global award for SM&CR Solution Provider 2018.

UK – SM&CR Solution Provider of the Year 2018

UK – Gamechanger of the Year 2018 – Julie Pardy

UK – Regulatory Compliance Consultancy of the Year 2018 


Our Managing Director, Andy Nightingale commented…..

“Receiving these three incredibly prestigious awards is both humbling and deserved recognition of the passion and dedication shown by the entire Worksmart team.  The fact that the awards are voted for through an independent nomination process demonstrates how our deep understanding of the challenges our customers face and the innovative approach we take to helping meet these has clearly struck a chord.  I am immensely proud to be part of this team here at Worksmart and I know these awards will motivate us all to push on with the amazing work we are doing.”


Our Director of Regulation & Market Engagement, Julie Pardy commented……

“Regulatory change has become the norm and organisations and individuals are challenged to implement, manage and embrace each change as it comes.  As a result, the expectations around the knowledge & expertise of software suppliers has risen dramatically in the last few years.  Not only must firms such as ours supply solutions that can meet regulatory change, but we must also be fully versed in each area of regulatory change and have a considered view on how firms can extract value from implementation.  Receiving the award for the provision of regulatory compliance support through our software projects is the highest accolade we could ask for, and proves that at Worksmart we are not only expert at building software solutions, we also provide “award winning support.”


Our Chief Technology Officer, Andy Bower commented…………….

“Over the past few years we have engaged in technology changes across our entire business, from the hardening of the infrastructure security through to adoption of cutting edge software frameworks and the automation of QA testing processes. Receiving an award such as this is an acknowledgement to the teams in Worksmart who have made this possible and I am immensely pleased that they are able to receive this as recognition of their dedication and hard work. Technology developments continue every day and I’m excited to think of all how all of Worksmart’s talented individuals will embrace these into the future.”


Further information about Worksmart can be found here.

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