Bond180 Solution Overview

Bond180 Solution Overview


Professional investment businesses are facing significant headwinds due to low returns on traditional fixed income assets, increasing competition in a growing and evolving market, changing customer requirements, and data and business silos that stymie necessary innovation in a market that is rapidly digitising. Due to the resulting over-reliance on old-fashioned processes, sourcing and investing in quality fixed income assets is very costly and time-consuming, particularly in alternative asset classes.

Bond180 provides a full suite of technology solutions to give these businesses collective scale and intelligence, minimising the cost of digital and commercial innovation. Our data and analytics service allows investors to better manage and leverage their fixed income data, empowering firms with business intelligence tools that allow a better market approach, improve asset discovery, and enhance their market-facing position. Through our complementary services, we aim to ultimately deliver a greater supply of curated fixed income assets cost- and time-effectively.


Bond180 Introduction

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