How Artificial Intelligence can unlock your distribution and product insights teams

How Artificial Intelligence can unlock your distribution and product insights teams

SalesAI is like putting a real-time analyst in the back pocket of each sales person

In highly competitive markets relationships matter. They demand that every interaction adds value. Your sales teams need to prove their relevance or risk being overlooked by potential clients.


Delivering value to your clients

Enhanced Client Experience is one of the great differentiators in asset management today. Yet the industry has still to grapple with fundamental questions around how to deliver this in an efficient and effective manner through their physical distribution teams.

Sales teams who field a never ending supply of client enquiries feel that they are not provided the insights in sufficient depth, or timely enough to respond to their clients. Harassed internal specialists are frustrated at the time lost from their more meaningful insight generation knowing the value it will add to their clients.

The difficulty is in finding interesting statements and facts around their products to help keep the client conversation moving forward along the ‘sales funnel’. What the clients often want is precise, short insights on the latest positioning of a fund and the potential impact of the macro economic environment, how it might compare and contrast with their existing holdings or the market. Frequently, we hear the client does not want ‘War and Peace’ but short digestible insights, relevant to them, which they can act upon.


Introducing our Award Winning SalesAI – the analyst in your pocket

SalesAI is like putting a real-time analyst in the back pocket of each sales person. It delivers actionable, real-time insights about fund performance and portfolio construction in light of market trends and against any global competitor. It’s distinguishing feature is its client focused natural language generation to arm each sales person with written statements around each fund.

PureGroup was recently awarded the Best Use of Data at the Investment Week Marketing and Innovations Award 2020. These awards recognise and reward creativity and innovation within the asset management sector. Specifically, the award recognised PureGroup’s use of Artificial Intelligence to write sales performance insights for Asset Managers fund against any global competitor.


Enhance your level of service and scale to deliver

Our solution was developed based on the market feedback we gathered from our extensive work with our Asset Management clients, in particular the challenges facing fund distribution. To this end, SalesAI was developed in-house by our own team of engineers over a course of six months. The technology enables us to produce real-time written analyst comments on any combination of 700,000 share classes on over 1,200 independent calculations over any timeframe, combined with our internal dataset of over 12 trillion data points.

SalesAI fundamentally improves the level of service and scale that a client receives by giving sales teams actionable insights without access to internal centralised teams such as performance or investment specialists. Further to this, the liberation of investment specialists and performance teams allows them to focus on additional qualitative insights that will add even more value in their client relationships.

Connect with us if you’d like to hear more about the role of Artificial Intelligence within Asset Management or how technology can empower your distribution efforts.

Alternatively our founder, Patrick Murphy, recently did a short interview with Investment Week, click here to view the interview.


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