February 2023 release – what’s new at Avanterra?

February 2023 release – what’s new at Avanterra?

Jean-Marc Duval, Product Manager at Avanterra, outlines some of the enhancements and new features his team has included in the February 2023 release.

Author: Avanterra – avanterra.com



1          A bird’s eye view on your data

2          From data to board approval

3          Third-party system integration

4          SFDR from chore to production line



1          A bird’s eye view on your data

The view from the top is not always clear and it is sometimes difficult to keep abreast of all projects running at the same time, especially in the field of product development.

We recognise this and have added functionalities to help users get a clear overview of the work in progress and to track the latest changes. The new Homepage in our latest release gives you summary information about the latest activity which complements our existing features that allow deep dives into the details.

If you would like to talk to us about this new feature please reach out to your usual contact or, if you are not already a user, please book an initial call with us about your use case – we’re looking forward to talking with you.



2          From data to board approval

Having accurate information upon which to base your decisions is vital. This is especially true of the asset management ecosystem where managing the product lifecycle is data-intensive with multiple approval committees, each with a different perspective, having their say. There are product committees for asset managers, acceptance committees for asset servicers and then there is the fund board where ultimate responsibility lies and where the buck finally stops.

Most of these committees require a summary document of product changes often prepared manually by aggregating data from different teams. Our latest release allows you to generate a clean extract comparing future data i.e. the project you are working on as part of a process (e.g. a launch or a merger) against the golden data for this product. All changes for each data point are clearly highlighted (although without track changes for lengthy narratives) thus simplifying and streamlining the information needed for oversight and decision making.



3    Third-party system integration

We all know how important integration and connectivity is and our latest release considerably enhances our third-party system integration functionality.

Even within companies with good data governance and a well-defined product management process, there is often a lack of integration with and connectivity to delegated functions, asset servicers. Each team in an organisation, and all third-party providers, must operate within the same framework of product information for workflow solutions, transfer agency systems, websites, regulatory reporting, marketing reports etcetera. Yet this data is often collected by hand, exchanged by e-mail and then keyed back into systems by humans again and again, introducing delays and errors which results in a lack of trust in the data and its quality.

The data governance and automation provided by our solutions solves these issues and ensures consistency, timeliness and integration of information within organisations and beyond. Our latest release has supercharged performance and Avanterra’s APIs can now effortlessly support high frequency exchange of information quickly, effectively and efficiently, handling data transfer within your organisation or to third-party platforms and can even remove any duplicated data entry for operational systems.

With Avanterra, integration does not have to be a multi-year project. Integration can be unlocked, one process at a time, within days or weeks.

I hope you find these new features useful in your day-to-day use of our solutions and, as always, our team is here to discuss your needs so please do reach out to your usual contact.  If you are not already a user and would like to learn more about Avanterra’s solutions, please book a call with us via our website.



4    SFDR from chore to production line

Avanterra has been supporting our clients with the production of their SFDR disclosures, as a managed service or SaaS, since before the regulatory deadline and, now that the first hurdle of setting up our solution has been cleared, we are looking at how we can improve the client experience.

Feedback has given us the clear message that, although our solution was fully satisfactory, a one-stop solution would be preferable. So, by improving data management and implementing more automation, we have added the ability to manage rich-text narratives (i.e. formatted text) directly in our data management systems which, combined with existing system capabilities, means that we can now deliver more efficient data governance frameworks to manage the SFDR related content as part of the normal range management process.  Furthermore, with our existing data integration capabilities, we are able to automate the generation of the data sets required to produce the SFDR disclosures thus turning a chore into an efficient process.



About the author

Jean-Marc Duval is Product Manager at Avanterra.  With wide ranging experience in the complex cross-border fund ecosystem, he has a particular interest in disruptive technologies and emerging business models.  Before joining Avanterra he worked on multiple regulatory-driven projects for different asset managers and servicers such as Schroders and RBC.

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