Fintech member Aprexo Wins Key Investor Recognition

Fintech member Aprexo Wins Key Investor Recognition

The solution provider that allows investment businesses to control, surface and use data in ways not possible before..

IA Fintech Member Insights: Aprexo 


London, 12 September 2019 – Aprexo the technology solution provider that allows investment businesses to control, surface and use data in ways not possible before, announces it has closed a seed investment round with a group of entrepreneurs and UST Global, a global digital transformation solutions company.

Founded in 2017 by industry practitioners, Aprexo delivers a cloud based data mastering solution (DMS) for fund managers, asset owners and asset servicers. The near real-time investment book of record is built in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and is capable of processing transactions and accurately calculating positions up to enterprise level.

Aprexo improves investment decision making and operational efficiency and its modular design means that roll out is fast and implementation risks can be managed effectively.

As part of this transaction Alexandre Harkous, CEO and founder of OneWealthPlace and before that of BI-SAM, has joined Aprexo’s group board.


Markus Ruetimann, Chair of Aprexo, commented, “this is an important milestone in the evolution of our business. We look forward to collaborating with all our new shareholders to expand Aprexo’s client base and product range”.


Praveen Prabhakaran, General Manager UST Global UK, commented, “we are excited to be part of the Aprexo journey. The vision and roadmap for the data mastering solution from the Aprexo team is very unique and interesting, and we strongly believe that this is going to shape future thinking. The wealth of industry knowledge the Aprexo team brings, coupled with the technology leadership of UST Global, will create a unique and best-in-class solution that our customers will benefit immensely from, to improve their investment decisions as well as to improve their front-office team’s productivity. UST Global’s focus has always been to identify and invest in solutions that enhance our customers’ ability to be market leaders, and this investment in Aprexo is in alignment with our strategy”.


Further information about Aprexo can be found at here

Markus Ruetimann, Chair, Aprexo

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