How We Can Help Raise Your Defences

GDFM has developed a ‘Combat Clone Managed Service’ which seeks to identify the initiation of cloning activity which can be acted upon swiftly to reduce and suppress the likelihood of fraud being committed and saving companies’ and individuals’ reputations and ultimately reducing investor harm.

The service is offered on a tiered approach and involves an essential screening element where pro-active measures are employed to identify the existence of cloning activity. Subsequent service Tiers include ensuring requisite parties’ awareness and taking rectification steps.  The benefits of this service are numerous and include reinforcing investor confidence, deterring fraudulent activity, meeting regulator expectations and reducing the likelihood of security incidents.

For more information on our Combat Clone Managed Service or our other offerings please visit our dedicated page on Combat Cloning or contact Associate Partners Tony Adams on [email protected] and Sarah Peaston on [email protected].