ISIN2LEI – Data Management Update

ISIN2LEI – Data Management Update

ISIN2LEI adds a new solution to it's portfolio. TPTCheck measures the data quality of investment fund's look through data.

Author: ISIN2LEI


We’re ready to add a new solution to our portfolio: TPTCheck.


TPT stands for tripartite template. It’s a standard format for exchanging investment fund’s look through data and contains e.g. information of underlying securities (ISINs) and issuers (LEIs) which gives more insight on exposures and risk to investors like banks, pension funds and insurance companies.

The format is standard, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of the data within the format will always be of the same level.
You can now use our TPTCheck to determine the data quality of any TPT file in just three simple steps:


1. Upload the TPT file (.csv)
2. Check the first results directly on your screen
3. Leave your name and email to get a full report


ISIN2LEI is the RegTech Open Data Expert. Our main focus is on data management and data quality. Our mission is to provide data that is ready to use and easy to access, via our webportal, APIs or customized data formats.


We’re very proud that we are being recognized as a leading provider of data management solutions, services or consultancy to the capital markets industry and are shortlisted in the Data Management Insight Awards 2021 for:


Best Entity Data Solution
Best Standards Solution for Data Management


Direct links: – TPT Check – Data Management Awards voting

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