Proud Finalist – Digital Development Team of the year!

Proud Finalist – Digital Development Team of the year!

We are immensely proud to have been shortlisted for the Digital Development Team of the Year at this year's West Midlands Tech Awards #WMTechAwards.

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We are immensely proud to have been shortlisted for the Digital Development Team of the Year at this year’s West Midlands Tech Awards #WMTechAwards.


In 2020 & 2021, the Delta Development team have delivered a plethora of features to deliver the innovative product Platinum~Pro to existing and new clients. Over the last 18 months, Delta has doubled the number of sprint teams and brought in an additional ten of the most talented individuals in the Midlands together with one big goal of delivering robust, compliant, and efficient technology to the pensions industry.


Some of the talent added included increasing resources in the UAT function to align to growth in resources elsewhere, building a team of 7 industry experts from the midlands region and promoting from within. Delta has added additional resourcing in its migration capability and is attracting interest from prospects on other platforms.


Some of the signature developments over the past 18 months have included:


1. Delivering significant regulatory change to our clients, including the Investment Pathway changes in February 2021

2. Implementation of a dedicated business Intelligence solution into the existing product set

3. Containerisation, Delta has chosen to support microservices by using containers as the base infrastructure.

4. Apache Kafka, enabling real-time service to service messaging in a decoupled and highly scalable configuration

5. New eventing APIs using the Async API standard

6. Latest generation PaaS, Delta designed its applications to be highly available; hence it has no single point of failure (SPoF)

7. Development of a new digital member and adviser portal to better serve the pensions industry.


Delta has been a gold Microsoft partner since 2014, following an API first design approach, using the Open API standard (OAS) in a dedicated SwaggerHub API management portal and operates in SCRUM agile through and through. Support from Microsoft has helped upskill our Developers, many have gained Azure Development Associate certification that has helped them thrive in their careers at Delta.


On the testing front, Deltas Automation testers have phenomenally created and run over 100,000 automated tests across the suite of products and work to ensure the quality of products are high and stringently tested.


It has not been an easy road but, through grit and determination, the team have pulled together, at times working extra hours, all focused on the end goal of delivering an outstanding product.

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