Trendrating US Market Insights

Trendrating US Market Insights

The Perfomance of many Asset and Wealth managers shows no noticeable improvement while market dynamics continue to evolve and change rendering old-school investment methodologies largely ineffective.  Trendrating's advanced analytics and technology is a key component of the investment decision process for 200+ fund managers and advisors, with premier partner distributors like Bloomberg and Euronext.  

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Over the last 6 months, the difference in the average performance between the top 25% performers and the bottom 25% is close to 50%. Without a pragmatic acknowledgement and respect for the acutal trends there is the big risk of having an underexposure to the winners, perceived as expensive, and rather being overweighted to the losers, assumed as great values. The resulting “allocation”, basically uncorrelated to the actual trends is the main reason behind underperformance.


By simply adding a layer of “trend assessment and validation” as a complement to the investment strategy, portfolio managers can maximize returns and reduce risks.

Trendrating developed a leading-edge, widely used “trend discovery” model to rate trends and discriminate bull vs bear trends with good accuracy and well in time to profit from “dispersion”.


Read the full US Market insights report powered by Trendrating here.

Data as of February 2022


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