Video: SESAMm Demonstrates New ESG Product at Finovate Fall 2022

Video: SESAMm Demonstrates New ESG Product at Finovate Fall 2022

Get an inside look into SESAMm’s latest product release: what it does, who it’s for, and how it solves data problems for investors and investment researchers.


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Intro to SESAMm


Thank you very much, Greg. Thank you, everyone, for listening to this presentation. I’m Sylvain. I’m CEO and co-founder of SESAMm. SESAMm is an AI company. We extract billions of articles and messages from the web in order to identify critical insights related to financial institutions and corporates. We’re a team of close to a hundred people. And what we aim to show you today is our new product that helps financial institutions and corporates identify ESG controversies in the form of alerts on all of their investments, on all of their clients, and all of their suppliers.


So there are more than 23 million companies in the world right now. These companies are your investments, your suppliers, your clients, and no one is actually tracking them. Most of these companies are never tracked day to day. SESAMm’s solution aims at automatically identifying controversies on these companies and finding the critical information that you’re missing.


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