Neo Ivy Capital’s Renee Yao: The Woman Who Quants

From graduating with a MA in statistics, managing money for buyside firms, to starting a hedge fund – this is a path rarely shows up in any young girls’ dreams, and studies have shown that this is also not a preferred career among female professionals.

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AIA’s Mark Konyn: Lack of Diversity No Longer an Excuse in 2020

When Mark Konyn entered the finance industry in mid-80s London, he thought lack of diversity and representation in his sector were issues of the past. It was later in his career that Konyn realised not only his assumptions were wrong, but the buyside industry he belonged to also had a significantly low women representation in senior levels globally.

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Why The AI Revolution Matters

Author: Level E Research –   In 2016, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the Geneva-based World Economic Forum coined the term ‘The

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