Applications that asset managers can excel with AI and unstructured data

Applications that asset managers can excel with AI and unstructured data

The challenges of digitization, fee pressure and regulation has left asset managers in greater need for better data...

According to Moody’s, the asset management industry is facing fundamental challenges shortly, despite the industry’s stabilized outlook. The challenges of digitization, fee pressure and regulation has left asset managers in greater need for better data, which is the key factor toward greater commercial value and improved operations.

Nowadays, asset managers are keen on embracing analytics derived from unstructured data, a new source that contains more predictive information for investment. Future-minded asset managers are looking for technologies that can help gain them a significant competitive edge on information over peers who rely on traditional analytical practices.


The Challenges to Utilize Unstructured Data

Although AI is gaining increasing popularity and acceptance within the industry, it is yet to be widely adopted. Commercially, asset managers need to allocate limited resources in the most efficient way to generate alpha, and many would think twice before a not-yet-generally-accepted solution.

However, with in-house development came a second challenge: time and financial costs.

Processing unstructured data requires expertise from data experts, NLP engineers, data scientists. Recruitment could be time-consuming and expensive. Cost from outside data vender is also hard to neglect, as there are limited vendors in the market to provide real-time unstructured data analytics.


The Orbit Solution

All these above could be easily solved by well-developed solution by Orbit.

Orbit believes that AI and text analytics is no longer a niche application for quant. Instead, it should be widely applied to the asset management industry. Our solutions are designed to help asset managers on investment decision making, risk management, and efficiency improvement.

Orbit provides end-to-end business solutions by enabling asset managers to consume unstructured data, such as news, filings, audio files in a systematic way, and in real time.

With cutting-edge in-house developed technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), a financial knowledge base, Orbit can provide asset managers bespoke solutions and insights that can align well with the firm’s current investment process and strategy.

Orbit VISION, defined as the next generation data analysis platform, can mine enormous amount of unstructured data, structuralize and analyze these data at the event level, and deliver predictive indicators, trade ideas or visualized analytics for the market investment and research purposes.

The platform identifies the key events that drive market from both macroeconomics and company perspective, such as CEO’s comments during earnings call, forthcoming macro-economic announcement, and market attitude towards these factors. It extracts predictive insights and indicators from such data to estimate the potential impact on price.

With this cloud-based product, asset managers can better assess their own performance as to whether decisions are made in the right direction and time. Thus their decision-making process could be streamlined significantly.


How Can Orbit Help You

Orbit products and solutions can bring enormous value to asset managers. It can help clients with forward-looking portfolio monitoring, thematic stock selection, investment idea generation, execution performance improvement, risk management, and various applications to improve operation efficiency and reduce cost.

  • Portfolio Monitoring: Orbit can help you identify interesting monitoring angles, such as the most discussed events in market, or ad hoc analyst opinions that can generate alpha. With powerful real-time visualization by Orbit VISION, a web-based financial platform, clients can monitor their investment portfolios in real-time and prevent potential risk.
  • Investment Idea Generation: Orbit analytics are derived and aggregated at both macroeconomic and company level. Users can get a market indicator from intuitive and predictive graphics and diagrams, such as market sentiment trend, word cloud ranked by news volume volatility. It offers a better chance to grasp opportunities that your competitors have not appreciated.
  • Thematic Stock Selection: Orbit system can help you to cherry pick asset classes or thematic topics/concepts that suit your investment strategy.
  • Bespoke Research Creation: You can use ORBIT explorer as a financial search engine to conduct investment research from filings/reports or create concepts upon your interest to get automated analytics.
  • Investment Process Optimization: Orbit solution can process audio data in real-time. There will be no need to listen to any conference calls; ORBIT can process conference call audio and extract core information as you need. This can help you speed up your working efficiency and save time for advanced analytics and decision making.


The Benefit ORBIT Brings to You

ORBIT believes the financial market is not fully efficient due to the lack of analysis on unstructured data, and alpha exists in massive textual content. These data have not been applicable before, and the efficiency of utilizing these data was very low.

With Orbit, the situation has been changed. Orbit analytical approaches are bringing predictive and cost-effective solutions to the mainstream. Orbit can help clients generate alpha by finding assets that will out-perform benchmarks and help have your entry point better. Orbit terminals assist you to identify companies to invest before others with lower cost and powerful visualization. These comprehensive analyses that might take months to develop in-house are now achievable in real time with us.

To sum up, Orbit provides a solution to support customized computing that has never existed in the financial industry before. With Orbit, asset management firms can adopt AI and big data technologies effectively with data-driven business support.

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