Do Not Allow a Few Stocks Moving In The Wrong Direction To Negatively Impact Your Performance

Do Not Allow a Few Stocks Moving In The Wrong Direction To Negatively Impact Your Performance

In this new market cycle, Portfolio Risk Control is a critical area for any professional investor

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The Challenge:

The new market cycle is exposing the limits of conventional data and tools. Negative trends are more frequent and extreme. Effective risk control requires smarter analytics and technology supporting a fast reaction to events.


The Solution:

Spotting in time the underperformers and eliminating them from a portfolio can have a big impact on returns.

Trendrating solution is designed to identify in time the weak securities and to reinforce the risk control process with smarter insights. At Trendrating, we introduced a new paradigm for portfolio risk control. We add an element of “trend risk control”.

Our solution enables the analysis of the “trends allocation risk” for portfolios. The larger is the portfolio exposure to falling stocks the bigger is the risk of losses. A pragmatic, factual and logical methodology to see the risks from another perspective, as the performance of a strategy is directly linked to the trends of the holdings.

Professional investors can easily calculate the combined trend risk across all the managed portfolios and promptly identify those that incorporate excessive risks, due to an overweight on securities in a bear trend. Adjust and optimize the holdings to maximize the performance.


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Trendrating is the leader in trend capture models, analytics and technology, serving 200+ institutions worldwide, counting premier partners like Bloomberg and Euronext. Trendrating provides an innovative, well proven set on analytics and technology to assess and rate the quality of price trends. Trendrating offers a well validated rating methodology, easy to integrate into most strategies and models. In 2021 Trendrating got awarded as one of the ‘5 Best Data Analytics Companies of The Year’ by CIO Bulletin. In 2022, it got awarded as one of the ‘5 Best Strategy Management Solution Providers’, by the same interactive, preeminent leadership platform, and this year, Trendrating got featured in the cover of the Enterprise World Magazine, as one of the ‘Most Trusted Advanced Market Analytics Solution Provider Platforms’.

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