NayaOne is awarded the DSIT tender to deliver the UK’s Digital Identity Sandbox

NayaOne is awarded the DSIT tender to deliver the UK’s Digital Identity Sandbox

NayaOne Will Host Industry's First Digital Identity Sandbox for DSIT in the UK
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The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology is responsible for developing the policy and legislation to enable the widespread working to enable the use of reusable, interoperable digital identity solutions in the UK economy where consumers choose to use them. This includes the delivery of the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework, a set of rules and standards for what a ‘good’ digital identity looks like, which will be underpinned by the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (No.2).


As part of the development of the trust framework, DSIT has committed to undertake robust testing to ensure that the trust framework will work for those who are going to use it. In November 2022, DSIT released a tender via G Cloud for ‘Sandbox testing for UK digital identity and attributes trust framework’.

DSIT selected NayaOne to deliver the UK Digital Identity Sandbox, using NayaOne’s Sandbox Platform to:


  1. Gather evidence on how digital identity solutions will work in practice in a ‘live’ environment.
  2. Build evidence for further policy development to support the emerging market.
  3. To explore how regulatory and/or other changes can remove blockers to the use of digital identity solutions.
At the intersection of policy and technology, NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox environment enables DSIT in the development of a digital identity policy framework through iterative testing in a secure environment. The Digital Identity Sandbox will bring together policymakers from a range of government departments, regulators, and technologists to enable and accelerate the creation of innovative, robust policy on topics such as fraud, inclusion and alternative pathways.

NayaOne is the world’s leading provider of Digital Sandboxes and innovation collaboration platforms. Widely used by governments, regulators and regulated financial institutions, it is known for powering the UK Digital Sandbox. Its platform can be used across sectors, technology types and policy areas.


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NayaOne is a leading financial technology company focused on bringing financial institutions and the fintech ecosystem together to accelerate digital transformation and innovation in the financial services industry. NayaOne’s platform provides a single point of access to the latest fintech innovations and data, enabling financial institutions to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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