AI Tech Injections – RCloud

AI Tech Injections – RCloud



RCloud offers AI and automation solutions to asset managers focussed on: research and alpha generation using a wide range of alternate sources of data (AI solution); risk management; trade execution – leveraging AI and ML techniques to minimise transaction costs; and RPA (robotics) to automate manual investment operations and financial accounting processes.


For a further overview of RCloud’s solutions, please see the following webinars that they have participated in: RCloud webinar with AccountAgility, Can bots help to increase compliance on Transaction Reporting?


Next steps

RCloud has following special offers for IA members, to enquire about these offers please contact RCloud via the following page:

    1. Free Robotics licence for 1 month and assistance in automating 3 manual processes
    2. Complimentary 1-2 day workshop to IA members to assess how AI can be applied effectively in their organisation for Investment research, Risk management and Trade execution.

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