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Our City of London headquarters puts FinTech firms at the heart of the investment industry.

Engine is based in the heart of the City of London, in the Investment Association headquarters – an ideal location to put Fintech firms at the heart of the investment management community.

All Engine programmes, briefings and TechTalks and networking events are run from here. A London co-working space for IA FinTech Members is also coming soon.

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*The Velocity brand  has been superseded by the Engine and all references should be treated as the same


pawel-czerwinski-bX9B9c-YasY-unsplash.jpg Level E Research

AI and Investment Management

Investment managers rely on technology to support decision-making, administration, and governance. Machine learning takes this further, removing foibles, heuristics and biases.

Renee_Yao_Neo_Ivy_Capital_Founder_f65df74439.jpg Lynk

Neo Ivy Capital’s Renee Yao: The Woman Who Quants

From graduating with a MA in statistics, managing money for buyside firms, to starting a hedge fund – this is a path rarely shows up in any young girls’ dreams, and studies have shown that this is also not a preferred career among female professionals.

IA-Engine_Sales-and-Trade-compliance.jpg ipushpull

Regulators Focus On Compliance as Sales and Traders’ Workflows Remain Under Scrutiny

Firms that use automation and data-as-a-service will be better able to meet regulatory requirements as regulators focus in on sales and traders’ workflows.

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