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Our City of London headquarters puts FinTech firms at the heart of the investment industry.

Engine is based in the heart of the City of London, in the Investment Association headquarters – an ideal location to put Fintech firms at the heart of the investment management community.

All Engine programmes, briefings and TechTalks and networking events are run from here. A London co-working space for IA FinTech Members is also coming soon.

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*The Velocity brand  has been superseded by the Engine and all references should be treated as the same


Fregnan article Wealth Dynamix

Compelling reasons to marry Client Lifecycle Management with digital signatures

Digital signatures is one of the most powerful and effective ways to cut time, cost and friction out of wealth management processes, throughout the client lifecycle.

Wealth Dynamix

Beyond onboarding: pitfalls and potential during a pandemic

How has the pandemic impacted the three vital phases of client lifecycle management (not only onboarding), and how can wealth managers respond?

Tech-Blog-1-photo.jpg Bond180

Ever wondered how you can better leverage your data to improve your investment edge? – Bond180

In this blog, we break down the barriers to empowering your data into three and touch briefly on the potential future state. We also briefly discuss how Bond180 is overcoming these barriers.

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